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First professional tool for on-line administration of your consumer competitions.

Get a reliable and verified tool for the administration of your consumer competition. competition codes

5.000.000+ competitors

55.000+ winners

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Bonopot saves your time!

If you have ever organized a consumer competition for your product, you know, that it takes a lot of processes, that have to follow each other fluently.

Bonopot is tuned up to save your time, minimize your effort and automatize all processes.

You get with Bonopot system:

Full control over the administration of the competition

You can create administrator profiles and set their authorization on your own. With an emphasis on data security.

Overview of valuable marketing data, statistics, and analysis

With Bonopot you get detailed information about the behavior of your customers - individuals and groups. All in well-arranged statistics.

Support from the seven most common competition mechanisms

Bonopot offers offers a wide range of various types of competitions, e. g. draw and happy moment. We will also happily prepare an original mechanism according to your wishes.

Helpdesk for competitors

Our professional operators will answer the competitors’ questions for you. You get the time to deal with other activities.

Advanced options for communicating with competitors

The Bonopot system offers you several elegant options – notification, chat, e-mailing, SMS gateway or questionnaire. Everything can be aimed at individuals and whole groups.

System meeting the GDPR standards

Bonopot gives you the certitude that personal data of your customers will be treated in conformity with the GDPR regulation ncluding the necessary legal documentation.

Additional services

We would like to share our rich experience with you and help you with the carefree preparation of the consumer competition. We will propound you the mechanism, rules, creativity, prizes, provide legal services and the distribution of prizes. One of our experienced account managers which you can contact with confidence whenever you want will be at your disposal. Complex competition solution in one place is more effective and saves your time and money.

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