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Bonopot offers wide range of competitions.

The mechanism of the draw is used to fortuitously select winners from a definite set of contestants. The principle od the draw is set so that the result is not predictable beforehand and is demonstrable retrospectively as well.

Current legislation enables not only the physical draw but electronic draw - directly in the Bonopot system

„By sending a contest SMS with unique code you will participate in a draw for a sports bag. We draw one winner every workday.“
It’s about guessing right within the lucky moment. More specifically which competitor will be able to accomplish the activity as soon as possible after opening the specified time window.

„Lucky moment opens every day and lasts from 14:00 to 14:30. First five competitors clicking the COMPETE button in this time win a holiday.”
It’s about the most accurate estimate. Generally, the correct answer is a very high number that can’t be found by commonly available means.

„How many golf balls fit into the trunk of our new car? Enter your guess. The most accurate tip wins and its author becomes the owner of the new car.”
Skills competition mostly have got the form of various mini-games within the setting of the consumer competitions The competitor’s quest is to achieve the game’s goal within the shortest time or with the greatest possible number of points. The most skillful competitors win.

„Enter the world of virtual ice hockey and try to hit the center of the goal as accurately as possible within the penalty shoot. Everyone has got three attempts. Top five shooters win a trip to the NHL game.”

Skills competitions can be linked to offline activities.
The wheel of fortune is a mechanism that is mostly known from the setting of stores and is also very useful in the online setting. The competitor spins the wheel of fortune and is entitled to a prize based on the result. <br /> The result is not predictable beforehand and is demonstrable retrospectively as well.

„Each time you enter a competing code, you can spin the wheel of fortune. Every field of the wheel hides a price - everyone wins.”
Within creative competitions, participants send their entries. It can be a story, photo, video and other. Originality is judged and the winner is selected by jury or public audience.

„Send us a photo which best fits the theme “dog man’s friend”. Five authors of the most original photos win a handmade doghouse.“
The mechanism works with the idea of children’s chocolate calendars. The participants may come back to the competition with a certain period of time and open hidden gift boxes. This mechanism is most often used in pre-Christmas time.

„We have got a surprise prepared for you every day. Remember to log in and collect your reward.“
Have you got special demands or ideas about your own mechanism? Our digital team will create a competitive model directly demands.

Something more

Individual mechanisms can be combined within one competition arbitrarily. We will be happy to prepare the rules for the competition in all cases.

Some sectors may be subject to specific legislative. If it’s your case, we will be happy to prepare the turnkey competition rules for you.

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