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Consumer competitions help Your brand to grow.

Bonopot brings you

Sales qrowth

The inflow of new customers

Strengthening the loyalty

Increasing the popularity

Building the image

  • change of the product’s price
  • promo/discount campaign of the rivals
  • start of selling the rival product
  • attracting attention to the new product line
  • product launching
  • remnant sale of stores
  • bringing about the WOM
  • strengthening the customers’ loyalty
  • fulfilling the obligations towards retail chains
  • customers’ retention in unexpected market events
  • in combination with traditional advertisement multiplies the increasing sales of the product
  • targets the customer right in the place of sale - when the customer is most perceptive, open and not disturbed by other perceptions during the communication
  • during the consumer competition there is no devaluation of the perceived value of the brand during the consumer competition, as it is the case of discount campaigns
  • the consumer competition opens the natural opportunities to interact (and dialogue) with the customer so that you have got the opportunity to get valuable marketing data


Consumer competitions require precise and strenuous preparation. However, a well-prepared competition with its contribution surpasses the energy invested in the organization by far.

The typical process when realizing the competition

  • 1 setting up the goals, metrics, and selection of an appropriate competitive mechanism
  • 2 preparation of the competition – creativity, creating the rules and documentation, choosing and buying the prizes, ensuring the distribution chain
  • 3 generating unique competitive codes and selecting channels and their distribution
  • 4 processing the creative outputs (internet pages, handbills, modification of packages, video)
  • 5 linking the digital tools with the Bonopot system
  • 6 engagement and training of the third parties (administrators, moderators, info-line, logistics, etc.)
  • 7 evaluation of the competition (winners’ selection based on chosen competitive mechanism), if the competition takes a longer time, it can be evaluated continuously
  • 8 ending the competition and distributing the prizes (based on the length of the competition the distribution of prizes can happen simultaneously)
  • 9 final communication with customers, thanks for participation
  • 10 archiving of the competition, goals’ evaluation

Why the Bonopot system?

The Bonopot system was created to make the work of the organizers of the consumer competitions easy and effective.

An experienced digital team which has been in the business since 2006, stands by Bonopot.

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