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Personal data of your customers will be treated in conformity with the GDPR regulation.

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From the legislative point of view, the most important act concerning the organization of consumer competitions is Act no. 186/2016 Sb., on Consumer Protection, as amended which ensures that competitions do not harm consumers by unfair business practices and Act no. 186/2016 Sb, on gambling games, as amended.

Protection of consumers’ personal data is closely related to consumer competitions which Bonopot does not forget. It is ready to take the competition’s rules into account that respect the Act no. 110/2019 Sb., on the processing of personal data or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is tailor-made concerning for to parameters of consumer competition you choose for your product.

We will be happy to guide you through the whole process of preparation and organization of the consumer competition so that it will meet the requirements of the relevant legislation, as well as being a benefit for your product.

Processing the competitors’ personal data

Processing of the participants’ personal data comes about when organizing consumer competitions. From the view of personal data protection, the organizer will thus become the administrator of personal data and Bonopot will provide its services in the position of the processor. If you intend to pass the personal data on or share them with other entities, e. g. within connected business corporations, adjusting these relationships can be difficult sometimes. Bonopot can even accommodate these circumstances to saving your time and money.

Our intern processes for personal data processing and contractual documentation are fully in compliance with the act on processing of personal data and GDPR so that participants’ data of your competitions will be in safety and you can focus on other bodies of the organization calmly.

Bonopot can process the documentation concerning the protection of personal data that meets the standard of personal data protection in your company. In case of interest, we can prepare complete documentation for you, according to your requirements.

The nature of consumer competitions

When creating a consumer competition, two aspects (except for consumer protection) are considered, such as the entry of participants in the competition and winner selection. The entry to the competition must not be subject to any deposit, but the purchase of a product for the regular price isn’t the case. Subsequently, the appropriate method of selecting the winner should be chosen, so that it won’t be a selection based on fortune or unknown circumstance.

Rules can be set by participants paying a certain amount of money upon entry (e. g. in the form of higher price of the products), but choosing the winner will no be random or casual, but it will be bound by a foreseeable fact, such as assessed by the jury or based on the participant’s knowledge. If the participant doesn’t pay and stake and the ticket to the competition will be purchasing the product at regular price, the selection of the winner can be left to chance.

Bonopot enables choosing the winners based on predictable facts, but also random means. The algorithm of the selection is completely random and has been repeatedly checked in the past during the realization of consumer competitions abroad. The final draw can’t be predicted by any mean in advance. It is also one of the fairest competition mechanism that eliminates almost all subjective factors. If you’re interested, it is possible to cover the draw by a public notary.

Rules of the competition

The basis of each consumer competition are rules that include especially the name of the organizer, duration of the competition, detailed conditions of participation and disqualification of unfit participants, protection of competitors’ personal data, specification of winnings and method of selecting the winners. Some industries may be subject to other specific legislation to which Bonopot can react flexibly. Bonopot will ensure the awareness of the competitors even in the case of changing the rules during the competition so that the transparency is preserved throughout the duration of the competition.

Do you want to be sure and save on expensive legal services? Contact us. We have got a developed system and processes that adapt to your ideas about promoting your product through consumer competition.

Based on your requirements we will be happy to prepare the rules of turnkey competitions for you, including the rule set for the protection of personal data or contractual documentation. If it’s your case, you can benefit from our experience and deal with more important activities to develop your product.

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